Private School Admission Prep to Punahou, Kamehameha, Iolani, Mid-Pacific... for Kindergarten and Grades 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9
“I would like to purchase a test prep booklet for the upcoming grade 9 KAMEHAMEHA schools test (for my daughter). I have ordered from you before, and whatever book you recommend I will purchase. My sons got in to Kamehameha for fourth and seventh grade and the study guides helped.” – Warren I., Wahiawa father of Kamehameha students

“I wanted to thank you for your help in getting my kids prepared for the Kamehameha entrance tests. All the info you gave: workbooks to study, interview questions and reference letters were very helpful. Both of them made it into Kamehameha Maui Campus. Beryl made into the 6th grade and Kayleen made it into the 9th grade. Kayleen got into one of the only 12 slots available! Much Mahalo!” – Jonathan Lau

“Hi it’s Janna, just wanted to say thank you. The workbooks that you wrote are amazing! My oldest got into 7th @ Kamehameha, my 2nd got into 4th, and my little one is officially on the kindergarten wait list until 3rd grade!! I will keep in touch in case you do updating on 4th grade book, in a few years.” – Janna Gibson

(March 2017) “YES! (Griffin) was accepted to Iolani (for sixth grade)! We just opened the envelopes! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP IN GETTING HER PREPARED!” – Kimberly Frank

(March 2017) “Wanted to let you know that Jack got into both Punahou and MPI (for ninth grade). Leaning heavily to ___. We really appreciate all your work with him to help him be the best he could be for the process. We will also utilize your tutoring with jack should he need any extra help in the future.” – Jarrett and Tracy Pang

(March 2017) “Yes Colby was accepted to Iolani (for sixth grade), got the letter today. Still waiting for Punahou and MPI. Thanks for all you help!” – Jill Kurasaki

(March 2017) “Funny I sent you an e-mail yesterday but I see it was returned so I’m glad you e-mailed me. Thanks to all your hard work, Keaton got accepted to Iolani (for seventh grade)!!! I kind of had a heads up because the Iolani soccer coach called Keaton’s coach and after their conversation wanted Keaton on his team. Keaton’s coach told me after. I just didn’t want to expect it until we got the official letter!” 
“We just got the letter from Punahou & Keaton got in! Wow! I can’t believe it! Thanks for all your help! You are awesome!” – Julie Larson-Hicks  

(March 2017) “Yes, omg Noah got in (to Iolani for sixth grade)!!!” – Lana Murashige

(March 2017) “I was just going to send you an email. Reyn received his acceptance letter from Iolani (to seventh grade) today. He (and us) are very happy and proud of his accomplishment. Now, another week to hear from Punahou.”
“Just wanted to let you know that Reyn also received his Punahou acceptance letter. He can’t be anymore ecstatic.... Thanks again for all your assistance in prepping Reyn for these tests.” – Reid Yamauchi

(April 2017) “Sorry for the delay. Getting slammed at work so forgot to scan the docs. Also sent them to the wrong email at first. Anyway, I took pics of them. Please let me know what you think the results mean. Thank you again for all your help and encouragement with Keaka. He really enjoyed tutoring and I really believe it helped him (get in to Kamehameha for seventh grade). Especially with his confidence level re: test taking and interviewing. We really appreciate it. Will be in contact with you if he needs some extra help during the school year. Mahalo nui.” – Miki Lene & ‘ohana

(April 2017) “It was supposed to be mailed yesterday, but the mail hasn’t come for today yet. Hopefully, it comes today rather than Monday. I’ll let you know when we find out… Doesn’t look like it came today. Guess it’s hurry up and wait for Monday.”
“Just wanted to give you follow-up. Wes got in to Punahou (for fourth grade)! Thanks for all of your work…” – Kai Yamaguchi

(March 2017) “You always know exactly when to follow up... Iolani’s decision letter came yesterday! I checked the mail bc of your email! Kyle got accepted (to sixth grade)!! Just waiting on Punahou for Kyle and Brody. When do those usually come in?”
“Kyle got into Punahou!!! Thanks so much for everything you did to help him prepare!” – Janina Todd

(March 2017) “We just found out today that Devin got accepted for the 6th grade at Iolani. We met Aunty Aileen and Uncle Inder (Sanjay’s parents) last weekend. I told them you were Devin’s tutor for his SSAT, and how beneficial your tutoring was. We are still awaiting to hear from Punahou School.”
“We just found out today that Devin has been accepted at Punahou as well. Devin will decide which school he wants to attend. Thank you so much for all your guidance.” – Tanay Panalal

(April 2017) “I wanted to let you know that Chloe got accepted into Punahou (for fourth grade)! It seems a rarity occurred where they pulled from. Just heard from the school last week. FYI. Thank you, my friend! Big mahalos for all you did to help Chloe!” – Mark Nakatsukasa

(March 2017) “(Annaliese) received her acceptance letter (to Iolani ninth grade) today. First of the bunch. I’ll let you know as the information comes in. Thanks for everything!”
“Sorry, it has taken a while to get back to you. Annaliese did get into all of the schools to which she applied: Punahou, Iolani, MIDPAC and LeJardin. She is still trying to decide where to go. Thank you for all of your help in preparing her for the exam and interviews. I think it helped to ease anxieties just knowing what to expect.” – Aika Gumbac

(March 2017) “We just opened the letter! Yes, (Addie) got in (to Iolani for seventh grade)!” 
“We just opened the Punahou letter, and she was accepted here as well! I’m pleasantly surprised. Did you see other children with similar scores get into either ‘Iolani & Punahou?” – April Lee

(March 2017) “We just got the acceptance letter (from Iolani). Braden got in (for sixth grade)! Had 225 applicants and majority were boys.” – Heather Takemura 

(March 2017) “Mia got accepted into Mid-Pacific for 7th grade. =) Thank You! I was wondering if you tutor for 7th grade math? She will be taking a placement test on April 22nd. Please let me know.” – Wendy Yamaguchi

(March 2017) “Yes! M___ was accepted into Iolani (for seventh grade). YAY! :)”
“Yeah, she got in to both Punahou and Iolani. But she’s going to Punahou.” – N.S., Nu’uanu mother of a private school transfer

(March 2017) “Thank you for all your help and for your excellent prep book, Kevin. I will be sure to recommend it to anyone who asks. Your practice exams simulate the real thing much better than any other test prep book (with the exception of the two real tests given out, of course). Enjoy your holidays!” – Pete, Yin, and Kailee

(April 2017) “I’ve been meaning to send you a note. G___ was accepted to Kamehameha and L___ was waitlisted. L___ was also waitlisted for Punahou and was accepted to Mid-Pac. We decided on ___ because we feel she will do well in that environment. We are still hoping for her to come off the waitlist for Kamehameha but if she doesn’t she will be fine at ___. G___ is super excited to finally be reunited with her twin brother! We feel really blessed! Kamehameha said L___ did really well and it came down to her essay where she got minused __ points from her total of 24 points. She only had __ minused from her report card and had a perfect interview and reference reports. We are really proud that she did as well as she did. They said the difference between many of the girls was just by tenths of a point. I guess a waitlist is better than a no. Oh and Kamehameha used a new test this year called the ISEE test. I thought you might find that interesting.” – W.A., Kapolei mother of private school transfers

“Dasha got the acceptance letter from Punahou school (for fourth grade) a few hours ago. We appreciate your help very much, your support all the time. By the way, could you please reserve time for Dasha and Steff for summertime tutoring on Sundays starting at the beginning of June 2016? If we want to see you this weekend to say Thank You, where could we meet you? Please advise. I thank you very much.” – Thu Nguyen

“I’m excited and happy to tell you that Aiden got into Punahou (for fourth grade)! We got our letter today. We couldn’t have done any of this without all your patience, help and great resources!!! I am also so grateful you encouraged Aiden to test twice. That was very good advice. Thank you again for everything.” – Kathy Ford

“We just got home. The letter of acceptance (to Punahou for fourth grade) arrived today!! Thank you for your help, we are grateful for your assistance in preparing and teaching Avery (and me)! We are so pleased!” – Alison Zecha

“We got it but I’m in Colorado so I’m making V__ wait for me until Wednesday… Thumbs up (for C__ into Punahou for fourth grade)!” – D.S., Kailua mother of a private school transfer

“I don’t check my mail daily and finally checked last night after one of Alex’s friends asked him if he received a letter from Iolani. Alex got in (to Iolani for seventh grade)! Thanks for all of your help and I’ll make sure to check the mail every day this week.” Later messages: “Yes, Alex got an acceptance to Punahou too… We just got the admissions letter from MPI – Alex got in! Alex will visit Punahou on Monday, April 4 and I meet with the assistant admissions director to go over his scores, essay etc… Apparently, this is the first time they are offering conferences with the parents. I’ll let you know what he says. Alex visits Iolani on Monday, April 11.” – Lyn Utsugi

“We just received (Alessandra’s) letter from Iolani and she’s been accepted (for ninth grade)!” Later message: “We’re very happy to inform you that Ali got accepted into Punahou. Thanks for all the help!” – Cesar Ramirez

“Thank you Kevin for working with Rylee. She was accepted to Punahou for 7th grade. Her SSAT scores improved greatly as well as her writing skills. We would recommend anyone that is looking to improve not just for Private School Admission but also for PSAT and SAT/ACT testing as well. There is something about the way you can bring so much confidence in a student.” – Tracey Rol

“Awesome news! Sacred Hearts Academy offered Chloe early admission with 4-year scholarship! We are blessed!” Later message: “We are so grateful! Chloe received her letter of acceptance to Punahou (for ninth grade)! We are so excited…she was in tears, I was in tears but I am so proud of her accomplishments! She worked so very hard. Punahou needs commitment by April 15. Just keeping in touch…thanks for always being sooooo supportive! Paisley is currently in 5th grade and will test for KS in the near future. I will be sure to call you to help Paisley prepare for testing… Chloe will take summer program @ Punahou. She is working with Punahou setting coach. Chloe will travel with club vball team to Florida in June. She had to cancel Phoenix and Anaheim as Punahou would only allow to miss a few days of summer program.” – Gisele Ka’ahanui

“Yes, we did. He’s in for Iolani (for sixth grade). Still waiting to hear from Punahou.” Later messages: “Kai also got into Punahou. Now we just have some decisions to make… So we finally got the (acceptance) letter from MidPac as well. Thank you so much for your help in getting him prepared. Working with you helped him focus academically and emotionally for the testing and interviews. Your method and organization of teaching is effective and efficient. He was confident and comfortable throughout the process and we couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Maria Aihara

“We are in Utah this week so we won’t know about acceptances until Sunday. It’s hard to wait!… Just got an email from ‘Iolani that (Chloe) got in (for sixth grade)! :)” Later message: “Oh yes. She got in (to Punahou)! Thanks for everything. All 3 kids got their 1st choices, partially due to your great teaching.” – Theresa Devere

“Good to see you this morning. Good news, Andrew got into Iolani today (for sixth grade). Thanks for all your help. I know he wouldn’t have made it without you.” Later message: “Just wanted to share the good news, Andrew got word that he also got into Punahou. However, he will be attending ___ next year.” – Mark Sumikawa

“We got the admissions letter and Alyssa got in (to Punahou for seventh grade). The twins are getting stressed about the SAT. Punahou’s college counselor said they should be getting 650 based on their GPA.” – Christina Desamito

“Good news, Luke got in (to Punahou for seventh grade). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – Ruthie Kaminskas

“(Anuhea) got in (to Iolani for seventh grade). We should hear from Punahou and Kamehameha in a couple of weeks. Her interview could’ve made the difference. The Punahou interviewer knows her volleyball coach.” – Alan Lore

“We wanted to update you with Shafer’s results for sixth grade admission. He was accepted to Mid-Pacific and Punahou and wait-listed for Iolani. Thank you for all your help in preparing Shafer for the SSAT with your tutoring and workbooks. Additionally, thanks for the tips with the interview process, advice on writing samples and the possible questions he would encounter. We believe that you were instrumental in preparing Shafer, Karen and I for the sixth grade admission process. We decided that Mid-Pacific will be the school that Shafer will attend next year! Go Owls!” – Kevin Kam

“Certificate of Admission: ‘This is to certify that Reece ___ having qualified in all respects is hereby admitted to Iolani School as a student in good standing in the class of 2023’ At the observation Kelly Monaco said it was a record applicants (__); they said they were going to send out __ acceptance letters and hope to get __ accepted.” – Janelle Shiraishi

“The mailman delivered the Punahou packet to my mother-in-law right down the street since we weren’t home. Ella got in (for seventh grade)!!!!! Yay! We are so happy and appreciative in your help in raising Ella’s math scores!” – Janel Yoshimura

“Yes, we received the letter today (we were traveling last week). (Jaden) was accepted (to Punahou for ninth grade)! She’s in school today and doesn’t know yet, so please keep this information to yourself until tomorrow.” – John Fox

“Just wanted to let you know that D__ got accepted to Iolani (for sixth grade), his first choice. I’ll let you know about Punahou and HBA in the coming week when we get their decision letters. Thanks again for working with D__! He could not have done it without your help.” Later message: “D__ got accepted into Punahou too!” – W.L., Kaneohe father of a private school transfer

“Yes. Accepted (Kylie to HBA for ninth grade)… We also met with Iolani Admissions. Kylie was accepted to Iolani!” Later message: “Congratulations on your recent acceptance to Mid-Pacific! As a newly accepted Owl, or Pueo, we would like to invite your child to our Pueo Preview Day on Monday, April 4, from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. It will be a unique shadowing opportunity to visit five high school classes with one of our Student Ambassadors.” – Stacey Higashi

“Just got the call today. Ryan got accepted to Iolani (for seventh grade)!” – Peggy Watanabe

“Guess what? Ayla got in (to Punahou for ninth grade). It was my fault that I didn’t submit her first set of SSAT scores. Punahou mentioned they won’t hunt for those scores. But she got all As in the last semester which helped her candidacy.” – Tamar Sprecher

“This is Anna ___. I wanted to tell you that I got accepted into HBA (for ninth grade). I wanted to thank you again for all the help that you gave me. I just wanted to tell you that so you know. God bless you.” – Anna Sullivan

“Yes (Ethan) did (get in to Maryknoll’s STEM/Aerospace program for ninth grade)… Just wanted to let you know that Maryknoll awarded Ethan the Sylva scholarship. It’s worth $___ and they also gave a little financial aid as well nearly covering almost the entire tuition. We’re very proud of Ethan and we owe much of his success to you. We’re so thankful and grateful for the time you’ve spent with Ethan.” – Lei Rudometkin

“Liam was waitlisted for Kamehameha and for Punahou. But it’s okay because after touring and learning more about Maryknoll’s STEM/Aerospace program, Liam’s first choice was the STEM program. Thank you for everything...” – Brenda Esteban

“We want to thank you for taking the time to tutor Colby. We believe the tutoring really helped him with his SSAT score for him to be accepted to Mid Pac (for sixth grade) and also Iolani wait list.” – Julie Fujino

“We finally received notification. Shelby was accepted to Mid Pac (for sixth grade). Thank you for all of your help.” – Wendy Kau

“(Megan) did (get in to Mid-Pacific for sixth grade)! She is waitlisted at Punahou. I already accepted at ___; they gave her money. Thank You!” – Kathy Ho

“She got accepted to Iolani school (for ninth grade). ‘This is to certify that Erika Hur having qualified in all respects is hereby admitted to Iolani School as a student in good standing in the class of 2019’ Tomorrow Erika visits Iolani for orientation(?) Thanks for everything.” Later message: “Yes. She got (into Punahou) too. The Punahou interviewer looked so happy. He said her SSAT scores were so high.” – Sunny Hur

“You are the first to know (that Lance was accepted to Iolani for ninth grade). I was wondering why he was crying and rolling on the ground. I still want him to do the ‘shadow day’ where he follows a student around for the whole day. Iolani became his first choice after the interview. We got a letter from the interviewer saying, ‘You made my day…You left me breathless’. We have to rsvp by Friday, March 6 for some admissions activity.” Later message: “Just wanted to give you the great news. Lance got also accepted at Punahou and Mid-Pac. So basically accepted in all the schools we applied. I am very proud of him and very thankful to you. Lance will never forget all your dedication and interest to help him with the SSAT prep. Rest assured I will send you referrals.” – Susana Tan

“Btw, A__ got into MPI (for seventh grade)!! Just to let you know, H__ was selected (for fourth grade admission). He’s going to Punahou. Yipee for him, not so good for our wallet. We really didn’t prepare for admission. I was told 4th grade doesn’t move much. Actually, I think they really liked H__. I told them I didn't have any problem waiting till 6th to reapply. Thanks for all your help and advice.” – N.A., Pearl City mother of private and public school transfers

“Thank you Kevin for the link (to kindergarten admissions info) that was helpful. Last year with my older daughter first did the N__ B__ K__ test prep books & the A__ test prep books. I did yours at the very end right before the exam dates because it was basically a summary of the other 2 major test prep books. She got into Punahou & Iolani (for kindergarten). So for my little one I’ll be doing the same.” – J.H., Kakaako mother of a preschooler

“Cynthia was accepted to Iolani (for ninth grade) – thank you so much!!!! I just got back from Japan and I am in shock a little bit. My husband and I were pleased by the test results. Cynthia gained __ points more than the October 2014 one. We were surprised by the high math score!! Cynthia was so happy and felt her mission(?!) was accomplished. Cynthia was named to the Head of School’s List. And she is now starting a basketball club and a new tennis season as well. Thank you very much for your efforts and caring. Lots of mahalo.” – Hiroko Nagano

“I hope you still remember me from last summer. I brought my twin girls for tutoring. I have some great and not so great news. One twin got accepted to Kamehameha for freshman year and the other one didn’t. But good news is that she missed the cut by 1/10 of a point (on the ERB testing)! So we were encouraged to try again for next year as an incoming sophomore. I would like to purchase reading and math test books. Please let me know what is convenient.” – Claire Abrigo

“Hi! Isn’t (the decision letters) at the end of March? I’ll let my Dad check if he gets any mail! I’ll let you know. Did (your other students) take the upper level test?” Later message: “I just got my Dad’s news 3 mins ago!!!!! I got in (to Iolani for ninth grade)!!!!! Thank you so much for helping me with testings and essays!!!!! Thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!” – Bella Chen

“I wanted you to know T__ is going to Kamehameha (for seventh grade). After you fired us from tutoring, you gave us admission information and told us to finish the pages she didn’t do in your test prep book. Some of the kids we know scored higher, she scored in the low-90s and high-80s, but what really helped her get in is she’s so well-rounded.” – A.R., Ewa Beach mother of a private school transfer

“D__ got in (to Punahou for fourth grade after being in the waitpool for 4 years). We were getting worried as the letter took a while to come in. His (SSAT Elementary) scores were 90%iles and an 80%ile. While testing he thought he was stronger than the other applicants. We didn’t get another tutor, but it got so busy that I just had him do some analogies, synonyms and reading material on Kindle.” – L.C., East Honolulu mother of a top Hawaii private school transfer

“Hey Kevin! Yes! I was going to email you. Kylie was accepted (for ninth grade at Iolani)!!! :) She’s veering toward Iolani so this is great. Did we ever touch base after the interview? She nailed the interview and essay. I could tell she did well because during my time with the interviewer he was really impressed. He was practically gushing and had me in tears. Also, I think her cheerleading may have given her a special ‘hook’. She also got excellent teacher recommendations.” – Carolyn Carpenter

“I just received an e–mail from Iolani, Eli was accepted (for sixth grade)! He is very excited. Attached are Eli’s scores for the Jan. 2015 test. He did a little better the 2nd time around.” Later message: “Yes, he got in (to Punahou)! I am convinced that it was your excellent test prep materials that made the difference! We are so proud of him! Quite an accomplishment to get into all three of his top schools! He is still undecided between Iolani and Punahou, but we will keep you posted and let you know what he decides!” – Jennifer Martin

“This is Mya’s dad. Yeah, she got in (to Punahou for sixth grade)! Her current teachers like her. Her interview went well. She really opened up during the interview. Punahou has an orientation on June 15 but we’re leaving on a trip on June 10. We already signed her up for summer school at Iolani in July and we might just keep her in. We wanted to get the Punahou sticker but they’re closed already.” – Glifford Dagdagan

“Good news for Jade!! She got into Punahou (for ninth grade)! For whatever reason, we didn’t receive anything for Lily. I’m sure it’ll be in the mail on Monday.” Later message: “Lily got her letter this morning. She got in (to Punahou for sixth grade)!! Thanks for helping them with everything!!” – Misty Kuo

“i got accepted to punahou (for ninth grade) though. thank you kevin. thank you for dealing with me throughout the years. if it wasn’t for you, i couldn’t have gotten in punahou. thank you very much. Here is my Punahou Letter. Could you see the bottom lines? What does it mean ‘…acceptance is contingent upon her enrolling in and completing our Punahou Academic Bridge Program’?” – Minh Tran (special thanks to Mrs. Steff Nguyen)

“Thank you Kevin for everything you did to get Chaney to this point (of being accepted to Iolani for seventh grade, decision letter and certificate of admission attached). I am truly grateful. I will let you know the results of the other schools but we will more than likely stick with Iolani.” – Bert Matsuwaki

“Yes, we applied Jaden (to Iolani for sixth grade) and he got in! He’s excited. I’m glad you emailed because when we got the decision letter today Jaden wanted to be sure I let you know.” Later message: “Both Tyler and Jaden got in to Mid-Pac!!! Tyler is so excited!” – Theresa Devere

“Happy to report that Madi was accepted into Grade 7 (at Iolani). I was so sure they would’ve placed her in 6th grade due to her age but I’m just happy for her. She didn’t want to apply to Punahou so this was it! Take care and thank you for all your help.” – Merle Chibana

“We just received the acceptance letter from Iolani (for Joseph for seventh grade) this afternoon. Thanks so much for everything! I let you know what Punahou would decide. In the event he gets accepted by both schools, which one would you think is a better fit for him? I want a school that provides more structure, rather than a “free-range”. I will call you when our youngest one is ready.” – Mei Pang

“Wow, good thing for your email. Went to get the mail … and Micah made it in (to Iolani for seventh grade)! Thanks sooo much! Appreciate all your help!!” – Suanne Morikuni

“(Stephen) just got a letter (from Iolani School). He’s in (for ninth grade)!” – Stacey Higashi

“Yes. K__ was accepted :) (to Iolani for sixth grade) Did you have a lot of 5th graders accepted?” – M.K., East Honolulu mother of a private school transfer

“We only hired you for 1 hour (for admissions interview and writing sample prep). Just letting you know M__ got into Punahou (for sixth grade). Cheers!” – C.W., East Honolulu mother of a public school transfer

“Yes (Sayler and Joshua) both were accepted to MidPac and HBA (for seventh grade)!!! Thank you again for all your help in preparing them :) So at this point we are not sure which school we are going to go with. Both schools had their strengths. Your thoughts? Are both equally academic in your view?” – Karen Busekrus

“(Victoria) got accepted at all three she applied for – La Pietra, Mid Pac and Maryknoll (for eighth grade). Chose La Pietra. Had two friends with lower SSAT get Punahou too so she is happy. Feels like she could have picked just about any school given the help you gave her. Thanks!” – Joe Gronwald

“Maddie got in to MidPac! YAY! We just got the packet today. Thank you for all of your help with that. I know your tutoring played a big part in her success! We are still going to ___, but hopefully this will make it easier for her to get in later if we decide to come back.” – Mie Wells

“Hi, this is Liv Teves. I made it in to Mid-Pac (for seventh grade). I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. And hope you have a good day. Okay, bye.” – Kailua all-star softball player

“Lan Lan got accepted (to HBA for seventh grade). She screamed with happiness when she opened the letter. Thank you Kevin!” – Karen Lee

“Yes (Kekai) got an acceptance (to MPI for sixth grade). Couldn’t be more pleased!! Thank you very much for your help. I hope to work with you in the future.” – Michele Judy

“(Tammy) is happy that she got a favorable one from Mid-P (to sixth grade). With her theatrical and musical inclination, she is looking forward to a new beginning and new opportunities. Again, thank you for your teaching with such patience over the years.” – Shirley Tam

“Milan will attend Mid Pac and he is happy. Wanted to thank you for all your help and support. When the next school year starts we would like Milan to continue his math tutoring. We saw what an impact you had on him (with his 156-point SSAT score increase).” – Natasha Uncanin

“Came today. MPI yes. (Samantha) is very happy! Thanks for all your help.” – Lauren Taga

“Kelly got accepted to Punahou and Mid-Pac (for ninth grade)! The mail came a little late today. I was crying–it’s overwhelming. I couldn’t sleep last night and must’ve checked the mail about ten times this morning. The letter does not mention anything about eighth grade acceptance.” Later message: “I had to cancel summer school at Iolani because she has to attend a class for incoming students at Punahou. The admissions rep told us that her figure skating (gold medal) was an unusual skill for Punahou.” – Sumie Yoshida

“He was accepted to Iolani for seventh grade! We actually got two letters—one was for ‘Wayne and Kelly’ and the other was for Andrew. I was literally waiting outside for the mail. It just came about 15 minutes ago. ___ has been his first choice for a while, so he’s probably going there. Thank you for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you.” Later message: “He was accepted into Punahou as well. We’re going to an ice cream social (at Iolani) and he’ll be shadowing a student on April 1st. He was really impressed with the Sullivan Center.” – Kelly Quemado

“He got in to all three (Punahou, Iolani and Mid-Pacific for sixth grade). We were in Japan, so my sister-in-law texted my husband about Iolani. We got back on Friday, so Caleb has the big Punahou letter in his room. He’s biased towards ___ because he’s been going to summer school there for three years, but we want him to tour all the schools.” – Jill Kurasaki

“I just wanted to let you know that Marley got into both Punahou and Kamehameha for fourth grade. Her Kamehameha scores came in at 99 percentile in reading comprehension and 96 percentile in math. We are so grateful for all you have done to prepare for both tests. Now the decision making process begins! Thank you so much for everything.” – Liz Lau and Morrie Roe (Student was 1 of 4 girls selected out of 198 applicants for fourth grade admission to KSB Kapalama from the Honolulu District.)  

“Hey, I wanted to let you know that we got the mail today and A__ was accepted to Punahou (for kindergarten). So we got one down and one to go. Thanks for helping to keep our kids challenged and loving to learn! They enjoy spending time with you. We’ll miss you for a few months, but we’ll be back in touch in July when we can set up a schedule with you for August.” – C.L., East Honolulu mother of a private school transfer

“I’m actually not home right now, but Emi opened the letter (of acceptance to Iolani for seventh grade). I’m having dinner with my husband, so Emi went down to get the mail. One of Emi’s friends was advised to attend summer school at Iolani, but our letter did not have that (recommendation). It’s incredible! Thank you so much!” Later message: “Emi got in to Punahou. I’m surprised that the Iolani letter mentioned a visitation day, but the Punahou letter did not.” – Lei Horii

“Hi, Kevin, this is Young Sun. I missed your call. I assume you called me (to see) if Ju Yeon got in to Iolani or not. Yes, she got in to Iolani (for seventh grade). Thank you for that. We are very happy about that.” Later message: “Yes!! Kevin (she got in to Punahou). I sent you a text message last night. Didn’t you get it?? She is so happy and grateful for your support!!” – Young Sun Kim

“I am very thankful that we found Kevin to tutor our son (who was accepted to Punahou for sixth grade). We initially thought that since our son did very well in school there would be little use for a tutor and we could guide him ourselves with the proper study materials. It was very fortunate that the study guide I found was written by Kevin and he was available for personal instruction. I feel that our child did significantly better on the SSAT directly as a result of the preparation in the format of the test and I know his classroom grades improved from the individualized instruction Kevin provided. Having Kevin as a resource to guide us through the very competitive application process was an unexpected bonus. His experience in assisting many other families was invaluable. I would highly recommend Kevin to any parent who is looking to help their child find a place in a private school.” – Valorie Ammann

“I was going to email you. Trevor got accepted to Iolani (for seventh grade) earlier this week and the notice from Punahou came today. He and my husband visited Iolani and like it there. I like Punahou, but he doesn’t know that. Trevor said the Iolani letter had a more personal feel to it than Punahou’s.” Later message: “Trevor finally came to a decision on which school to attend next year... He must’ve flip flopped 6x but chose Punahou. The deciding factor was the homework load at Iolani.” – Tessie Schmisseur

“Hey, Kevin, it’s ___ calling. I’m just calling to let you know good news—Andrew got accepted to Iolani (for sixth grade). Yay! Thank you so much for all of your help. When ___ comes in, I’ll let you know about that one too.” – Rowena Somerville

“Aloha, Kevin. I am happy to tell you that Kathryn has been accepted to ‘Iolani School and Hawaii Baptist Academy (for ninth grade). She is very excited. Thank you for all your help in preparing Kathryn for her testing. I know her success is due in large part to your tutoring. So a big mahalo!” Later message: “Just wanted to let you know that Kathryn has chosen ‘Iolani for high school. She really turned her grades around (which were already high) at school after working with you. You had a positive influence on her.” – Kate Johnson

“Yes, he did (get in to Iolani for seventh grade). When will you be at ___? K__ and I want to see you and thank you. He will take the tour at Punahou, but will most likely go to Iolani. His older brother being at Iolani is a big motivation for him.” – C.D., East Honolulu mother of a private school transfer

“Was planning to email you today. Jenna was accepted to Iolani and HBA (for ninth grade). She will more than likely be attending ___. The Iolani letters were mailed at the beginning of March, a few weeks before the letters for the other grade levels. She’ll be taking a tour and shadowing a student at Iolani. Thanks again for all your help.” – Sueanne Morikuni

“Thank you for calling about Ethan (who was accepted to Iolani for eighth grade, a non-entry year). He sat behind an eighth-grader in a math class (on the Iolani visitation day) and the student told him how tough Iolani can be. One missed assignment can really bring down your grade.” Later message: “Ethan got in to Punahou. The admissions director said they took 5 kids while Iolani took 7 kids. What do you think? Punahou is easier (since my daughter goes there) but he’ll choose.” – Connie Lung

“A huge thank you to you! Isabella got her letter from Punahou yesterday and we are excited to share that she got accepted for fourth grade. It was her time with you, your prep material and all your advice that helped her achieve this goal. She felt so well prepared and confident on testing day that she actually enjoyed the process. Thank you truly for everything!!” – Kathy Coady

“Keanu got in to Kamehameha for fourth grade. His Math is good (96%ile) and he said he was comfortable with the Reading section (94%ile) after practicing sample questions from your test book.” – Suzanne Ventura (Student was 1 of 5 boys selected out of 198 applicants for fourth grade admission to KSB Kapalama from the Windward District.)

“I’ve been meaning to email you. Both girls got into Punahou (for sixth grade). Marisa scored high and Kaydi was slightly higher than Sara (our freshman at Punahou), but they took her too. I am still referring you to others who want to prep. I hope that is ok. I think you are the best tutor. Sorry it didn’t work for the twins. Have a great week!” – Chanda Kuriyama

“Noah got in to Punahou and Iolani (for seventh grade). I applied him to seventh with consideration for sixth. His soccer (abilities) helped. His coach is well-respected and wrote him a letter of recommendation. The ___ coach called him, but he’s going to ___. I went there and my daughter goes there.” – Alison Lee

“Also, I wanted to let you know that S__ got into Iolani for sixth grade. Thank you so much for working with S__! In just a couple months, you really helped her scores! God Bless you!” – F.M., Aiea mother of a private school transfer

“We’re so happy that N__ got into Iolani for sixth grade! Thank you for your help! The 2 months of your tutoring helped her increase her SSAT scores. Thanks again!” – J.E., Mililani mother of a private school transfer

“Joey got in to both (for sixth grade). He got in to Mid-Pac. He got in to Punahou. Oh, yeah, he’s going to Punahou. My youngest is in kindergarten, so I’ll call you for fourth grade.” – Jennifer Wilson

“Hi, Kevin. Andrew got in to Punahou (for seventh grade). We are so happy. Thanks for your help!” – Monique Canonico

“Riley got in to Mid-Pac and Punahou (for sixth grade). She was one of the kids from her school who got in to both schools. Thank you.” – Sara Murakami

“B__ was cleared for Punahou today (for seventh grade)! So he’ll be going to Punahou. Thanks for all the help.” – S.W., Kaimuki mother of a private school transfer

“Hi Kevin. Good News! Just letting you know M__ got offered a space at Punahou (for sixth grade in late-August)!!! We are thrilled. Thank you.” – C.W., East Honolulu mother of a public middle school transfer

“Hi Kevin. I’m on vacation right now in Utah. We decided on St. Louis even though Colin was accepted at Punahou (for ninth grade).” – Carson Perry

“Mari got in to Punahou (for sixth grade). Thanks for helping her on the (SSAT) reading. Her last score was ___.” – Charles Shoop

“(Kainoa) got in (to Iolani for sixth grade). We’re happy. We only submitted the first set of scores. He didn’t have time to study as intensely the second time around.” – Kristi Bates

“We got the letter (of acceptance to Iolani for ninth grade) on Monday. Thanks for your help. It gave her confidence for the test. She got a 4.0 for three years (at her middle school) which helped.” – Kanae Abe

“I just wanted to let you know that Niklaus was accepted at MPI (for sixth grade). Thank you for all of your help with this. We will be in touch again in a few years when it is time for (our younger son) to prepare for private school! Also, we recommended you to some friends of ours who are preparing their daughter for testing.” – Kevin Murray

“Hi Kevin, how have you been? It’s been a long time. Hina was accepted at Mid-Pac and La Pietra, and she chose La Pietra School. She got (a four-figure) scholarship. She is so excited and can’t wait for her new school. Thank you for everything, Kevin!” – Mayumi Kurokawa

“Reyn got in to Mid Pac (for sixth grade). Thank you so much for all your help!!” – Yuka Wada

“Yeah, it was awesome, bradduh. Leeya got in to Kamehameha (for seventh grade). She’s on the volleyball team. I spoke with Gisele yesterday. She said you’re working with her girls. We used to work together at ___, but I worked on the hospice side. Keep in touch.” - Ku’ulei Alama-Francis

“OMG!!!!! Maka got in to Kamehameha for 4th grade!!!! We owe it all to you, Kevin. Maka has mentioned you often over the past couple months. He misses his tutoring sessions with you. He really likes you. I would very much like to meet up with you so Maka can tell you just how much he appreciates all your help. He is in full swing with baseball right now—which our lives currently revolve around—so Sundays work best for us as he has a game every Saturday. Let me know which Sundays you are available to meet. Thank you so much, Kevin. Maka wouldn’t have gotten in without your help.” - Anna-Maria Beck

“Hi Kevin, hope all is well with you. Just wanted to let you know that Dylan was accepted into Punahou (for sixth grade) for this coming school year (smiley face). Thanks.” – Alison Inafuku

“Hi, Kevin, it’s Christina, the mom of the twins. I just wanted to let you know that Cryssa and Tina both got accepted to Punahou (for ninth grade). They also did get financial aid of (four figures each) so I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Thank you so much, Kevin. I’m still waiting on the (other decision letter) and I’m going to let them choose. My parents are very excited!” – Christina Desamito

“Our daughter, Michelle, did a late application for admission to Punahou and Iolani for Grade 6 in 2013. We bought prep books from Kevin for Michelle to prepare for the SSAT. The practice tests were useful, but Michelle had some difficulty tackling the questions. So we got Kevin to give her 8 to 9 tutoring sessions (1.5 hours each). It was a tremendous help. Michelle showed great improvement. She got a high score and was admitted to Punahou and Iolani. It was a big surprise! He was our angel. Great thanks! Our family highly recommends Kevin as a terrific tutor with great heart.” – Linda Tsui

“Hope all is well with you! I just wanted to let you know that J__ got accepted to Punahou & Mid Pacific (for ninth grade). He is in New York right now, but called to find out, so he is aware. He is really happy and trying to keep it cool. He and I talk about your services to J__ a lot since the last time you worked with him. We both agree that your sessions with J__ have helped him with school in general, and his whole attitude and competitive spirit has worked for the better. I personally appreciate all you have done to not only prep him, but to relate to him, and really encourage him. He has taken off this year and I’ve noticed how mature he has become just this past year. Thank you so very much. I am sure we will be calling you soon for either T__, J__ or just to compare notes!” – S.H., Kahala mother of a public school transfer

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping with Mark’s application process. We just got our last letter yesterday and I am happy to share that he has been asked to attend at Punahou, Iolani and Mid Pac (for ninth grade). It is your talented teaching and mentoring that has translated and created these opportunities for him. Now we have to make a choice. We are split at the moment between Punahou and Iolani. It’s lovely to have choices. Thank you so much!” – Christina Gallagher

“Hi, Kevin, good morning—it’s Blanca again. I’m so happy to give you the good news. The girls, Novell and Norissa, got in to Punahou (for sixth grade). Thanks for all your help! You were so nice with them, so helpful. You were so consistent in teaching them that they can get in (to Punahou). We really appreciate your help. And my husband is going to call you, too, so get ready for his phone call. He’s really happy! Keep helping all those kids who want to have a better education. We love you and talk to you soon.” – Blanca Goodman

“Hiya! Yeah, T__ ended up choosing Punahou (over Iolani and Mid-Pac). He spent a day at each school, and really liked the atmosphere at Punahou. He’s extremely excited! He couldn’t have done it without you! We miss seeing you every week! One of T__’s friends is interested in applying to sixth grade next year and his mom is looking for a good SSAT preparation class. I told her you were great, but wanted to get your permission before forwarding your contact information to her. I hope it’s okay if we spread the word!” – F.J., Downtown mother of a public school transfer

“Hi, Kevin. As you may have heard, K got in to all (the schools for seventh grade)—Punahou, Iolani and MPI !! Just wanted to say a big “Thank you” to you for your guidance. You are a great tutor!! Now, I have (my younger son) who might have to go through the same process this year. So I will contact you soon. Thanks again and have a wonderful Spring!!” – C.D., East Honolulu mother of a private school transfer

“I wanted to give you our news for the week—Sarah was accepted to Punahou (for sixth grade)! The whole process was really up and down, but we wanted to thank you for your efforts. She did great on her January SSAT, which pulled her through. It’s funny that Sarah and I had practiced some “political” questions prior to her Punahou interview, and they actually conversed on topics like ‘mayor’ and ‘Congress’.” – Cathy Vincent

“Hi, Kevin, it’s Jess. Gosh, I just wanted to give you a heads up that Piper got in (to Punahou for sixth grade). So I’m thankful for you and we really, really appreciate everything. So we will see you for SAT prep.” – Jessica Crabtree

“I just wanted to update you on Giuliana and her admission to the private schools. She was accepted at Punahou and Mid-Pacific Institute (for sixth grade). Her SSAT scores were good. She only took the test once in October and her scores were Verbal ___ Math ___ and Reading ___. I think she could have done better in the Reading, but the test that she got contained two poems that were hard for her to understand so she did not answer them. Some of her friends that took the test did not have any poems. She was pleased with her scores and did not want to test again. I believe she was just tired of the whole process. After visiting all the schools, Punahou was her first choice, so it all worked out. I hope all is well with you, and I wanted to thank you for helping to get her ready for the test.” – Julie Vassalli

“Attached is the acceptance letter (and certificate of admission) we received from Iolani (for entrance to seventh grade). Thanks for all of your hard work with Matthew (including doing multiple writing samples). It definitely paid off. I was told Iolani required a certain level, but I guess his SSAT scores were high enough. I will let you know what happens.” - Glenn Lau

“Kai got in to Punahou (for sixth grade). He got in to Mid-Pac. We got Mid-Pac’s letter on Wednesday and Punahou’s came yesterday. He’s going to Punahou for sure. You were the key to this situation. He just took off on his January SSAT. Emalia wants to get started. When should she get started? When do you think she should take the SSAT?” - Philip Binney

“Megan’s in (to Punahou for seventh grade)! We just arrived back from break and found the acceptance letter! Thanks for all your help. Yes, she’s very excited.” – Wende Buras

“Kevin, yes, Cade got in (to Punahou for sixth grade)!!! Thank you very much!” – Hiroko Lehl

“Kelci got in to Iolani, Punahou, HBA…(for ninth grade)—all the schools she applied for. She’s at Iolani (and plays on the volleyball team). Thank you.” – Jodi Ige

“You did such a great job preparing Joey and Allie for (sixth and fourth grade) testing. We were heartbroken to deny them the chance to attend Punahou (though they were both accepted), but we felt like making them change schools and then doing it again the next year was not in their best interest.” – Barbara Sniezek

“Yes, Sydney got into Mid-Pac (the only school we applied for) and she’s very pleased. She thought we should let you know since you tutored her, even though tutoring wasn’t always pleasant.” – Wendy Kau, school administrator

“We were wavering between SSAT prep classes and a private tutor, but once we met Kevin and saw how he interacted with and motivated our 7th grade daughter through constant positive assessments and his relaxed yet (covertly) disciplined style, it was clear the one-on-one approach would be more beneficial. His materials are up-to-date and specific, his personalized advice on interviewing and test taking was spot-on and he was always accessible. We would highly recommend Kevin to anyone with a child preparing for the SSAT.” - Miki Yamashiro (daughter was accepted at Punahou, Iolani and Mid-Pacific)

“I just wanted to let you know that Justis and Gabriel both got acceptance letters today from Punahou! We feel strongly that you were a huge part of their success and we really want to thank you again for all of your help and hard work with the boys. I will unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone looking for a tutor.” - Jocelyn Snowdon

“My daughter Savannah started tutoring with Kevin last January. Aside from how well she ended up scoring on her SSAT, her confidence blossomed as well as her math grades in school. Savannah worked with Kevin once a week along with a friend, and not once out of the entire year did either of them complain about going to tutoring. Kevin has this way of making them feel good about themselves, and he also has a talent for making it fun for them. Kevin is truly an example of someone who is very good at what he does. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to work with him.” - Terri Cordell (daughter was accepted at Punahou and Mid-Pacific)

“Hope all is well with you. Received our final decision letter today and wanted to share with you the results of Austin’s application process for the 2011-2012 school year. I was so very relieved when we received his first acceptance letter from Maryknoll School and at least knew that he would be able to go somewhere beyond Soto Academy. But never in our wildest dreams did I expect that he would receive acceptance letters at all (4) schools in which he applied for. We are proud (and relieved) to share with you Austin was accepted to Punahou, Iolani, Mid-Pacific Institute and Maryknoll. Austin has chosen to attend Punahou School for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year. We would like to thank you for helping us get Austin prepared for the SSAT and writing samples he was required to complete as part of the interview process. Without your guidance and patience we could not have achieved our goal. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!! Aloha.” - Tracy, Rick & Austin Tsuhako

“I am very happy to report that Brandon was accepted into Punahou for the fourth grade. My husband picked up a copy of your test prep book a few weeks before his testing on February 18 and 25. Thanks for the (writing) prompts. I had him write an essay every other day on these subjects. Brandon took the SAT in December (at his current school). The scores are attached. I was pleased with his math scores, and appreciated your advice and insight on the relevance of these scores to his application to Punahou.” – Heidi Vavul

“Yes, N__ got into Punahou (for fourth grade). It is a big accomplishment! She loves your teaching style and those fun games. She never complained about going to your lessons. Thank you for your patience and spending time to talk to me—and your videos. She took math in summer school at Punahou, and said the teacher was real fun, which is more her learning style. She likes sports—she has done fencing and golf—and is interested in Punahou’s tennis program.” – H.K., Nu’uanu mother of a private school transfer

“Kevin, just wanted to let you know that Sara got into Punahou and Mid-Pac, and will be attending Punahou in the fall. Thanks for all your help, and you probably will be hearing from me again in the spring to begin my son on his prep work. He is in 6th grade now and will be testing for 9th grade entrance—hopefully with the same success as his sister.” Later message: “Mark did awesome (on his November SSATs). Yea! I think we are officially done with SSAT prep. Thank you so much for your help and guidance. You will probably hear from us again on the next round of test prep, but for now, we breath easy!” - Christina Gallagher

“I want to tell you how lucky you are that we’re not going to come over and beat you up because Nicolas got accepted in all three schools that he applied for. It’s been an exciting week since we got acceptance letters from Iolani on Tuesday, Mid-Pac on Thursday and Punahou, today. I was not in town for the Iolani interview so my husband took him down, but I heard Iolani wanted him after the interview. Iolani is good for math and science, my husband’s an engineer, but I’m pretty sure Nicolas is going to go with Punahou. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you!” – Bea H., Kailua mother of a private school transfer

“You know what—Kiara got into Punahou (for eighth grade)! We were making noise all day because we were so happy. Her last (SSAT) test scores were high—around 670s or 680s. I heard last year there were only five spots open at Punahou for eighth grade (a non-entry year). Is that what you heard? Our son (a senior at Punahou and who attended your SAT classes) accepted a football scholarship to UCLA. We met with the (new) coach and he’s awesome.” - Rochelle Fairbairn

“We were at a movie so I couldn’t call you back, but you were definitely on my to-do list and, yes, J__ did get in to Punahou! We had a dual-application, but after speaking with the Punahou counselors, it was decided that she should enter the seventh grade. You would have been so proud of her interview—she really impressed them and turned it around by asking them questions herself! J__’s being real humble about it, we haven’t even had a celebration yet, but she’s real happy.” – D.H. and G.H., Kaneohe parents of a private school transfer

“H__ just found out she was accepted to Punahou. We got the letter today and Iolani’s letter came on Wednesday or Thursday. We had different interview experiences at both schools. For Punahou, she had to go to a soccer game right after that. She was unsure before but most of her friends from her soccer team and Noelani go to Punahou. A few girls go to Iolani. K__ will be taking pre-Calculus next year (as a sophomore) and then Calculus after that. We might be calling you to continue the SAT classes.” Later message: “H__ is the goalie on the Punahou intermediate soccer team.” – A.R., Manoa father of a public school transfer

“Steffany is so happy she got in to Punahou! We appreciate your tutoring for her very much—all the hard work paid off. She hopes you continue teaching students like her, helping them make it into private schools. She will finish out the year at Maryknoll and then attend Punahou for seventh grade. We are waiting for an available time to see you. Steff is very happy and she really wants to see you to thank you and give you a gift. Please let us know when you are available.” - Mau and Thu Nguyen

“I’m a believer that things happen for a reason and Iolani will really prepare Daisy for life. I know the swimming coach at Iolani and Daisy placed third in the ten-year-olds’ division at the state meet. I’ve worked with people with children who went to Iolani and they have nothing but good things to say. I remember when we met, you recommended the option of Iolani to us. It’s under two miles away from our house and my neighbor’s kids go there so maybe we’ll carpool.” - John Chang

“I’m sorry I didn’t let you know earlier but Ashley did get accepted at Iolani (and Mid-Pac). We were so busy last week at a church camp and Bryan is doing his Ph.D work. I actually only told one person because Ashley was still deciding after talking with her friends. We were praying on which direction to take and she’s made her decision. We want to thank you so give me one day’s notice when you’ll be in the Kaimuki area.” - Mei P., Kaimuki mother of a public school transfer

“You were one of the first people we called along with his football coach. It feels like we just won the lottery since Iolani only accepted 15 kids (during this non-entry year). We’re waiting for everything to fall into place, but athletically and scholastically, this is a tremendous opportunity for Makoa. I didn’t even go all out with the referrals like I would’ve next year with about 50 openings. I’m at Longs right now, but I plan to start my other son with you soon.” - Cindy Magnani

“I just wanted to call and tell you the good news that Anna got into Punahou (for ninth grade). Thank you very much for all of your help. I know that you were a big part of her getting there. She received a scholarship offer (from her current school) but I think that she did decide that she is going to Punahou so it’s all good. Thank you so much!” - Rikke Delay

“I will tell you that I had Haley’s parent/teacher conference on Monday and she had a shining review from her teacher. She took a standardized test a few weeks back and the teacher was amazed at how much she improved her scores from last year’s test. I have to say that is thanks to you.” Later message: “Haley is a cheerleader on the Punahou (intermediate) squad.” - Jessica Crabtree (daughter was accepted at Punahou and Mid-Pacific)

“Joanne reminded me to call you and thank you for working with Micah. He decided on Iolani over Punahou and Kamehameha. I had wanted him to go to Punahou, since we live right next to Punahou, and since we felt Iolani would be too academic, but he felt really comfortable there. Also, some teachers we know are very supportive of Iolani.” - Marlene Tokiwa

“You did an amazing job preparing Joshua for the SSAT (interview and writing sample)! Joshua was accepted at Punahou, MidPac and Maryknoll, and waitlisted at Iolani. You have a very positive and encouraging method of teaching children. There was never a fight to get him to attend the weekly lessons. Thank you very much with all of our hearts.” - The Reasoners

“I have good news—David was accepted at Punahou School. Thanks for all your help. We just got back from Spring break and David had a nice surprise waiting for him. We would like you to work with our daughter Sarah next but she’s only in third grade right now.” - Cathy Vincent (both sons were accepted at Punahou)

“Kevin really helped Devon prepare for the SSAT, interview and essay. My son is in the seventh grade at Punahou. Kevin is now working with my fourth-grade daughter, Christina, to improve her math, reading and verbal skills for next Fall’s SSAT.” - Stephanie Lee (daughter was accepted at Punahou and Iolani)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hi Kevin, we’ve been thinking of you lately. Will was invited to Punahou and we’ve accepted. Thank you for guiding him to this choice! It is so valuable to have your influence and presence for Will, thank you.” - Vickie F-L, Kailua mother of a private school transfer

“We’ve been real busy, but I know you bumped into my wife at McDonald’s and, yes, the boys got into Punahou. They are doing well but Andrei is doing some (advanced) CML math so we want to do some tutoring. Andrei got into Iolani and Mid-Pac as well, and I know it’s not easy to get into Iolani. Also, I heard that Alex might have had the highest scores for the (fourth grade admissions) testing.” – Mihai Iosivas

“We just got the call about an hour ago that E__ got into Punahou. He had strong recommendations from his teacher and (football and golf) coaches. They said his test scores were within their ‘range’. He took charge during his interview, and it was commendable. This was a real team effort and you were a part of that.” - K.K., East Honolulu father of a public school transfer

“Anyway, I just got the results and they were much better! I was so proud, and I think M__ was too. When I showed him his scores (all well within the Punahou range), he had a big smile on his face. He has interviewed with Punahou and Iolani so far. I hope they went well, but I found out at the interview that Iolani only takes 25 boys! Mid Pac is this Thursday, and HBA is next month.” - P.D., Aiea mother of a public school transfer (son was accepted at HBA)

“You know we were just notified that Ali was accepted at Punahou (for fourth grade). We’re going to meet with (Punahou admissions director) Betsy Hata in May (for informational purposes).” Later message: “Hailey received an invitation to join Punahou. She’s really excited.” - Lori Zane (son was also accepted at Punahou)

“We were referred to Kevin by my sister whose son had a successful tutoring experience that got him into Iolani. Kevin has been working with our son for several months. We’re really impressed with the progress our son has made towards the school of his choice. We feel Kevin’s tutoring style is the right fit for our son.” – M.T., Aiea father of a private school transfer

“Kevin has been a tutor for my son since the seventh grade. Daniel did very well on the SSAT and had an opportunity to attend Punahou. Kevin is still a tutor for my son who is a sophomore now and who will be taking the SAT (and SAT-2 math subject test) soon.” - Peter Perera

“J__ did get into Punahou. He’s very excited. I think we will take a break as things are getting crazy and all but I would like you to work with our younger son at some point.” - S.W., Kaimuki mother of a private school transfer

“Called to tell you about the good news. Cole got into all three schools (Punahou, Iolani and Mid-Pacific)! We’re about to tell him right now.” - Tim Cabrera

“Thanks for your help with Joey’s SSAT (interview and writing sample). Joey got accepted at Iolani, Mid-Pacific and Maryknoll. It looks like he will go to Iolani. We are just waiting for (one thing to fall into place).” - Patti Hu

“Just wanted you to know Makana got accepted to Punahou and Iolani for seventh grade. He chose Punahou. I gave your number to a friend whose daughter will be applying for private school in the Fall.” - Michael Tave

“Ethan is so excited he got into Mid-Pac (the only school we applied for). His test scores must’ve been high. He’ll have to sit out his ninth grade year for baseball according to ILH rules but he’ll still be able to condition and practice with the team. I have him going to a private pitching coach who knows some of the Mid-Pac coaches.” – Glenn Rivera

“Thank you so much for getting Taylor ready for the SSAT and the Kamehameha Schools entrance exam. You must hear this all the time. As parents, we just want the best for our children. I hope my children realize how important this is.” - Lita Ursulum

“Noa got accepted to Punahou and Mid-Pac. Thanks for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you.” - Andy and Natsume S., Hawaii Kai parents of a public school transfer

“Yes, we’re so happy (with our son’s high SSAT scores). And he was really upset because he thought he bombed. He said it was the worst one...” - Jill Walder (son was accepted at Punahou and Mid-Pacific)
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