Math Tutoring

MATH Tutoring 
Lessons / Individualized Classes / Sessions in Honolulu, Hawaii
Tutoring is conducted at a location in the UNIVERSITY / MOILIILI area.

One-to-One Math Tutoring 
$35 per Hour 

One-to-Two Math Tutoring 
$50 per Hour (combined)

Math Tutoring Arrangement Options 
  • Set Weekly or Bi-Weekly Time
  • Last-Minute On-Call Service
MATH Subjects Tutored 
  • Elementary School Math 
  • Middle School Math 
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra III 
  • PreCalculus 
  • Calculus 
  • Statistics / Probability 
Teaching / Tutoring Credentials 
  • Teaching License, Secondary Mathematics, State of Hawaii 
  • 99th %ile SAT / GRE Math 
  • B.A. Mathematics, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, Master of Education 
  • 8 years classroom teaching experience at the high school and community college level 
I have worked with students in mathematics from the following schools:
  • University of Hawaii-Manoa ( 0.55 mile ) 
  • Kaimuki High School ( 0.8 mile away ) 
  • Our Redeemer Lutheran School 
  • Iolani School ( 0.9 mile away ) 
  • Maryknoll School ( 0.9 mile away) 
  • Mid-Pacific Institute ( 1 mile away ) 
  • Washington Middle School 
  • Saint Louis School ( 1.1 mile away ) 
  • Chaminade University ( 1.1 mile away ) 
  • Sacred Hearts Academy ( 1.2 mile away ) 
  • Punahou Schools ( 1.3 mile ) 
  • Saint Francis School ( 1.7 mile ) 
  • Kaimuki Christian School (1.9 mile ) 
  • McKinley High School ( 2 miles ) 
  • Roosevelt High School ( 2.1 miles ) 
  • Stevenson Middle School ( 2.4 miles ) 
  • Kapiolani Community College ( 2.9 miles ) 
  • La Pietra School for Girls ( 2.9 miles ) 
  • Kaimuki Middle School ( 3 miles ) 
  • Star of the Sea School ( 3.4 miles ) 
  • Kalani High School ( 3.7 miles ) 
  • Kawananakoa Middle School ( 3.8 mile ) 
  • Damien Memorial School ( 5.2 miles ) 
  • Hawaii Baptist Academy ( 5.7 miles ) 
  • Kamehameha Schools ( 6 miles )
“Cage (a varsity football player/wrestler at an ILH school) is taking Pre-Calculus this semester. He has received a __%, __% and __% on three quizzes on the first chapter, with a chapter exam coming up Monday. Do you have time to work with him on Saturday to prepare for his chapter test? And probably, ongoing, albeit time is really tight and he really only has weekends free during this football season.” – Heidi Vavul

“KC is attending a college in Georgia, she’ll be back for Spring Break during the week of March 27 – April 2, she’s taking Calculus I, and wondering if you’ll be available to meet with her at during that week. KC is currently in the Coast Guard Academy Scholars program. It’s a one year program, if they pass their classes, they get accepted into the Coast Guard Academy.” – Karen Mau

“Just wanted to let you know that Avery passed Geometry with a Final Grade of B. He starts MPI (Mid-Pacific Institute) tomorrow and will begin the Algebra 2. I will e-mail you when he wants to start the tutoring sessions. Thanks so much for all your help!” – Lau’wae Clayton

“Kacie received a ‘B’ on her (trigonometric identities) test. She was very happy and relieved! Thanks so much for your help! She has a test on Wednesday, and we were wondering if you would be available to meet with her either tomorrow (before 2pm) or Monday (after 5:30)? The test is on the following concepts: double angles, verifications, trigonometric equations and the Law of Sines.” – Karen Mau, Aiea mother of a Honolulu district high school senior

“Just wanted to send a quick thank you for tutoring Krysti (in math) all those weeks! We both feel it was well worth it. We wanted to share that for her fourth quarter she earned the Challengers award which is an A- average for all of her classes! She did one test but did better on 2 more, so it all averaged out! Have a great summer and I’ll call on you again should she have in 6th grade!!” – Kelli Williams

“I want Zech (a college football prospect at an OIA school) to continue with you to help with his (Algebra 2) Math. On his last Math test he just took this week he scored an A+ and answered both extra credit questions correctly!! I honestly don’t think he’s ever scored so high on a math test...ever. So I think his last session with you, going over his Math work really helped.” – Chelsea Y.

“Our goal is to create life-long learners, and to that end, Kevin makes learning an effortless experience. My daughter has gained tremendous confidence in math while achieving mastery, which is exactly what we were looking for.” - Christina Gallagher, Educational Consultant (daughter is currently in Pre-Calculus at Punahou)

“My daughter was failing Trigonometry in the fourth quarter of her junior year. Using the teacher’s assignment sheet, Kevin covered future assignments which allowed my daughter to be a week ahead. This strategy gave her confidence since she came to class already having learned a particular concept. She got an ‘A’ for all her May tests and received a ‘C+’ for the fourth quarter which I’m pleased with.” – K. Gomes

“How do you find a good tutor? Parents want to find the best tutor for their children. But what is your definition of ‘best’? Maybe someone with much experience and knowledge or many degrees, but that’s not hard to find nowadays. Effective teaching is impacted by the personality and temperament of the tutor. Humility and love are immeasurable and essential. ‘We know that we all possess knowledge, but knowledge puffs up while love builds up.’ (1 Corinthians 8:1). Kevin possesses both knowledge and love.” - C. Au

“Kevin has been tutoring my daughter for the past five years, and they are now working with PreCalculus and AP Economics. We have found him to be very patient and has established a trusting relationship with our family. I highly recommend Kevin for all your tutoring needs.” - Charlene Asato-Nitta

“I am a student at Mid-Pacific Institute. Since I’m enrolled in the IB diploma program, I take classes that are challenging (AP Calculus, AP English). Tutoring with Kevin has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the material learned in class.” - Sophia Lobley (currently a pre-med student at UCLA)

“A very belated but heartfelt note to say the warmest mahalo for all of your time and tutoring for our son. He passed his Algebra 2. We’re still waiting to hear about the Cal State assessment testing, but expect him to be well on his way to the freshman class of 2010 at Cal Maritime! Thanks again for your assistance and patience. You have a way of making math all good.” - Derrick M.

“Words are ineffable to express our appreciation for your endless patience and kindness. The tutoring you provided for Brendan and me has made a difference academically, but also an experience in a very meaningful way. Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation. Teachers make a difference in our lives and truly make this world a better place to live in. Thank you, again! Take care and our warmest thank yous!” - Judith S.

“Aloha, Kevin. This is Paula again. I just received the results back for the (college) Statistics homework we tackled at the library on September 18th. I’m proud to say that I received an “A” on the test and simply wanted to thank you again for all your help. Mahalo and good luck in all your future endeavors!!!” - Paula, Hawaii Pacific University student

“Kevin has been my son’s math tutor for several years. I’ve been extremely pleased with the progress he has made. This year Algebra II has been a challenge, but with Kevin’s help my son’s comprehension and grades have steadily improved.” - Linda Razonable

“Nikki got a 54 out of 50 on her (summer mathematics) project and a good score on her (Algebra II) final exam. Thanks for all your help!” - Dr. Scarlet Aviles

“As soon as my daughter started tutoring with Kevin, I saw improvement in her geometry grade. My daughter was wasting a lot of time struggling to solve the math problems on her own. Since Kevin started to teach her, she doesn’t waste time anymore.” - Yayoi Oki (daughter is currently in AP Calculus)

“I had to send you an announcement so you could see it with your own eyes. Don’t feel obligated to come. He passed World History with a 99% (and Geometry with a 97%)! Thank you for all your help. Get ready for Steph (for PreCalculus)!” - Laura Schulman (daughter was accepted at Kamehameha Schools)

“Thanks for helping me review for my (Pre-Calculus C) test. This session cleared up all the questions I had. I got a 90% on the Probability test and a 93% on the Vectors test.” – Dayton K. (student plans to major in Biochemistry, a pre-dentistry undergraduate program)

“Just to let you know, Eryn wound up with an “A” for the quarter and a “B” for the year (for Algebra I). For whatever reason, the teacher gave easier stuff towards the end of school. Thanks for your help! She may need it next year for Geometry!” - Kathryn I., DOE teacher

“Kevin has been tutoring my three children for three years now. My son Brian has improved his math skills over the years. Even though they are of different ages, Kevin’s established a good rapport with each of them.” - Lisa Mallal
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