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PASTURES OF WONDER – Inspirational & Thought Provoking Stories for the Christian Spirit
is a collection of tales about learning the unknowable, seeing the unbelievable and living the impossible. Within its pages, you will find six novellas and novelettes that awaken, challenge and inspire lost souls and Christians to repent to, obey, worship and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

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REDISCOVERY – 13,500 Words
A disheartened teenage girl repents of her idolatry, which allows her to fulfill her God-ordained destiny.

INTO THE DARKNESS – 18,200 Words
A pastor and his wife deal with the devastating murder of their eight-year-old daughter, while the girl’s murderer grapples with guilt and Hell.

OLD WOMAN – 2,400 Words
A man takes a journey with a woman in the twilight of her years, and witnesses the grandeur of her life through the eyes of God.

COLORING BOOK – 3,700 Words
The only hope for a dying girl, a distraught mother and a desperate grandfather is a five-year-old child who has just completed her first lesson from Jesus.

A pair of burn victims discuss the invisible yet powerful “doctrines of demons” that are alive and well in our wicked hearts and minds, seducing us day and night of our Great Apostasy that is a Biblical certainty in the last days before the Day of the Lord.

SPIRITS OF IWO JIMA – 21,300 Words
As the Battle of Iwo Jima draws near, a marine and his comrade race against time in their quest for absolution and eternal life.
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  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Grace Accompanies Me All the Days of My Suffering
YOUTUBE: Part 2 of 7
     Chapter 2: I Am Pharisee in Need of Godly Suffering

     Chapter 3: Suffering's Riddles

     Chapter 4: Perilous Times Shall Come

     Chapter 5: There Come a Falling Away First

     Chapter 6: Do Not Be Deceived - God Is Not Mocked

     Chapter 7: God Gave Them Over to a Depraved Mind
Novella for the Christian Spirit

SOULS ON THE BRIDGE OF FOREVER is designed to transport the heart and soul to places hidden within the human spirit. This novella reveals how God influences eternal fates through journeys of love and hatred, compassion and rage, intimacy and loneliness, ambition and apathy, all gifted—and cursed—to the physical universe’s only sentient species at the beginnings of time. It contains deep theologies that will challenge minds longing for answers, invigorate hearts heavy in our fallen existences, and stir souls reaching out to the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

SOULS ON THE BRIDGE OF FOREVER unveils the tragic tale of a beautiful and talented young woman who plummets to her death, a victim of her own overpowering desire to die. Fifteen months earlier, Maria, a promising coed destined for destruction, meets forty-one-year-old Daniel, a businessman with a sinful past, upon a bridge of serendipity in the beautiful Las Vegas countryside. A new Christian, Daniel has suffered great loss as a consequence of wretched sins of the past. Week by week, the Holy Spirit transcends space and time, using each anguished soul to heal the other before the day of reckoning. Their initial trust melts the winter frost. Laughter echoes throughout the valley. Their debates shake the Nevada sands. Tears trickle down into rushing waters far below. Weekly chitchat moves their spirits closer to glory than their worldliness ever expected. For fifteen months, they share stories of hope, fear, triumph and sorrow as their lives ascend above the clouds of redemption and sink below the shadows of suicide. Their exchanges are filled with wonder—all the hopes of a father of several lifetimes passed on to a daughter in her youth. The essence of their relationship grows, on a weekly basis, from a pair of strangers of the morning to the closest of friends in the night. Their spirits touch in time, and they will not forget in eternity. I must warn you that this novella contains heavy theologies intertwined within a riveting storyline, taking your mind and soul to places never before seen. Filled with emotion and spirituality, SOULS ON THE BRIDGE OF FOREVER joins Daniel and Maria in their quest to know the wonders of God and the mysteries of the heart. Journey into the very heart of darkness to find a Light of astonishing glory upon a bridge to forever.
Chapter 1: Final Hour
Chapter 2: Birth Pangs of Heartbreak
     Chapter 3: Beginning of the End
     Chapter 4: Divergence of Hearts

     Chapter 5: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…
     Chapter 6: Bright Lights in the Nevada Sky

     Chapter 7: Stolen Heart
     Chapter 8: King and Queen in Waiting

     Chapter 9: Reunion
     Chapter 10: Second Chance

     Chapter 11: Making a Difference
     Chapter 12: Not Yet Life

     Chapter 13: End of the Road

     Chapter 14: Winds of Fate
     Chapter 15: Angels Spread Their Wings

     Chapter 16: Bridge of Sorrows
     Chapter 17: Seed of the Black Flower

     Chapter 18: Missed Opportunities
     Chapter 19: Best Laid Plans

     Chapter 20: Sunrise of a New Day
     Chapter 21: Winter of Impossibility

     Chapter 22: To Dust You Shall Return
     Chapter 23: Chess Pieces and the Sands of the Hour Glass

     Chapter 24: Transformation
     Chapter 25: Last Meeting

     Chapter 26: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Maria
     Chapter 27: Last Breath
     Chapter 28: I Could Never Have Imagined

     Chapter 29: I Wished We Had More Time Together
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