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From the Author…
In the past seven years, I have tutored hundreds of students and sold thousands of study guides in preparation for the private school admissions process in Honolulu, Hawaii. Most of my students, and parents, have reached their goals mainly because:
  • All my students are intellectually capable 
  • Most of my students are motivated to perform in school, on standardized tests, during the admissions interview, on the writing sample and for extracurricular activities 
  • Parents sacrifice the time, energy and money to maximize their child’s chances for success
In this detailed yet succinct guide to success, I provide an inside look into the nuances of the private school admissions process, drawing upon personal experience working with hundreds of candidates on an individualized basis for periods of three to twelve months. I transparently share my professional secrets, beginning with the first time I meet prospective applicants up until decision-time at Hawaii’s top private schools. The inside information contained within SECRETS OF ADMISSION TO HAWAII'S TOP PRIVATE SCHOOLS will give you and your child a strategic edge in the competitive world of private school admissions. 

This book is not a general overview, but more of an in-depth look at particular aspects of the private school admissions process. Parents unfamiliar with the basics of private school admissions should familiarize themselves first before reading this book. 

Note: While I discuss “case studies” involving real students and real parents, no actual names are mentioned. I do provide a “List of Feeder Schools to Hawaii’s Top Private Schools” based on students I have personally tutored. Some of these “feeder schools” are top private schools themselves.

Table of Contents 
  • Chapter 1: SSAT Middle Level Analogies Practice (10 Sample Questions) 
  • Chapter 2: List of Feeder Schools to Hawaii’s Top Private Schools 
  • Chapter 3: Dissecting the SSAT ( Verbal / Math / Reading ) 
  • Chapter 4: The All-Important Teacher Report 
  • Chapter 5: Writing Sample 
  • Chapter 6: Admissions Interview 
  • Chapter 7: Reasons Why Applicants are Eliminated From Contention 
  • Chapter 8: Life After Decision Letters Have Been Mailed Out 
  • Chapter 9: Summary and Final Thoughts
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